Boyne Brewhouse has announced that they will be bringing their full portfolio, featuring 12 craft beers to the Belfast Craft Beer Festival.

On sale next month when the festival arrives in Custom House Square, will be the following Boyne Brewhouse offerings;

•           Lager 4.8%

•           Pale Ale 4.8%

•           Amber Ale 4.8%

•           IPA 6.8%

•           Saison 5.5%

•           Oatmeal Stout 6.2%

•           American Pale Ale 4.5%

•           Vienna Lager 5%

•           Session IPA 4%

•           Imperial Stout Sherry Cask 10.8%

•           XX Bitter Pilot Series 6% (new for 2018)

•           Cooneys Irish Cider 4.5%

The impressive Limited Edition Imperial Stout Sherry Cask at a strong 10.8% was recently named Alltech ‘Best Beer in Ireland’, being applauded for it’s rich, full body and aromas of roasted coffee and chocolate.

Peter Cooney from Nu Cuana, parent company for Boyne Brewhouse reinforced how keen they are for the attendees of the Belfast Craft Beer Festival to get a true taste of the Boyne Brewhouse range,

“When we tried to cut down the number of brews which we would bring with us to the fest, we simply couldn’t decide which to leave at home. There are so many attendees all with their own taste and personality and we wanted to ensure that we had something for everyone at the Belfast Craft Beer Festival”.

The Boyne Brewhouse is located in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Leinster, an area steeped in Brewing history. With craft beer brewing rife in the area up until the 1960’s, Boyne Brewhouse which opened in 2016, symbolises a new era in craft beer brewing in the area.

Inspired by the legend and mystery of the Boyne Valley, the brewers at Boyne have in a short time, developed a range of award winning brews - all of which you can now sample at the festival next month! See you there!